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I Matter Because I Bring Happiness to My Family

Ahaan G., 1st Grade

Award of Excellence - Patton PTA

Award of Excellence - GG Council of PTA's

Award of Excellence - 4th District PTA

Participant - CA State PTA

I drew and colored the art called I matter because I bring Happiness to my family. When I hug my dad and mom they love it and when my sister and I play together she laughs a lot. I care and help my mom when she gets tired. I know that I matter a lot, my family always tells me you are so loving, creative and smart.

I Matter Because I'm Super

Camden T., 1st Grade

I matter because I'm super. We can all be superheroes if we use our super powers of kindness, caring, and friendship.

I am part of something bigger

Kaitlyn N., 2nd Grade

I matter because just like the earth there is only one me in the universe.

Twinkle, Twinkle

Alana K., Kindergarten

Award of Merit - Patton PTA

I matter because my family supports my dreams. My dreams is to fly like supergirl.

Just Me

Holden A., Kindergarten

I matter because I am special. I am special because I was born.

I Matter because I love and care

Angela L., 1st Grade

Honorable Mention - Patton PTA

We can’t go back to school because of COVID-19. So, I drew my best friend, Vivienne, and I sitting next to each other at a school desk. I asked my mom to send a photo of my drawing to Vivienne. She was very happy. I miss my friends at school.

Drawing and Painting

Shaurya S., 1st Grade

Have a happy and safe Halloween. Be your own and your family superhero. Put on Mask ;) Don't be afraid from shadows, stay inspired and inspire others from your Reflections.


Everyone MattersMaya V.
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Everyone Matters

“Everyone matters in different ways if people can see it or not"

Maya V., 2nd Grade

Award of Excellence - Patton PTA

Award of Excellence - GG Council of PTA's

Honorable Mention - 4th District PTA


I Matter Because I Spread Kindness

Aaliya G., 3rd Grade

Award of Excellence - Patton PTA

Participant - GG Council of PTA's

I have used Mixed Media to create my artwork titled I Matter Because I spread kindness. Being compassionate & helping others spreads kindness which makes the world more beautiful. Also I matter because I love to create , dream, read and sketch.


Jessalyn N., 5th Grade

I matter because of all the blessings I received in the world. My work relates to the theme because the girl I drew is sitting with her puppy in the middle of a sunset. She was blessed because she received many presents during her life. Like a gift to live, a gift of peace, a gift of a family, and a gift of the world.

Puzzle of My Life

Nolan C., 5th Grade

This picture represents why I matter. I am artistic, funny, and the only one of me. But more importantly, I am brave and strong.

Our World

Faith H.

I Matter Because...should be treated fairly like everyone else, no matter what race, or what gender I am, and even what I believe in. Everyone matters, and we’re all in this together!


Arina B., 5th Grade

Award of Merit - Patton PTA

I matter because I am different and unique. My art relates to the theme because it shows a dog that is not like others ( brown, black, white dogs) which represents being different .

I Matter Because I was Born

Jason L., 4th Grade

I matter because I was born. When my mom was giving birth to me she suffered from a lot of pain to get me out. I’m glad that I was born so I can see my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparents. I can see, hear, taste and move. I can play with my friends. I can travel to different countries like Japan, China and Canada. That is why I Matter.

Inside my Own World

Zoey C., 3rd Grade

The reason I chose to draw the inside of my mind is because I want people to see my mind and why I am important. Things like the hearts flying in the sky represent love and creativity. Some represent how I am special or something like that. The imaginary stuff like the cotton candy clouds represent how my imagination is unique.

Peace for the Earth

Simran S., 5th Grade

Honorable Mention - Patton PTA

We are hurting the earth, and people are too worried about themselves to notice. We don't realize that the earth is a life, (well not really a life) But that doesn't mean the earth, can’t hurt. Racism, pollution, and corona. These are all hurting us and the earth. I am repeating that we are harming the earth over and over again, but that is because no one wants to realize that we are. I made this piece of art to show that I matter because I have the power to make people understand that we are hurting the earth. The true reason is that... I want peace for the earth.

Rainbow in Paint Background

Minh N., 3rd Grade

I dip tissues in unique and different ways. I made a rainbow to try to make people happy and to make people feel free I made some squiggly lines in the background and colored the shapes.


Nathan N., 5th Grade

I matter because I am like a snowflake. No two snowflakes are alike. I am different, unique and proud of it! Together with other snowflakes we can create something beautiful.


Hold on You Matter

“I choreographed this piece for my brother Trent to let him know HE MATTERS. In March of his sophomore year Covid hit. In one day my brother had school, his teachers, friends, and baseball taken away. In his eyes his word was shattered. Struggling with the changes he tried to commit suicide. I'm grateful my mom realized something wasn't right and found him before it was too late. My brother is my world. I created this dance for him to watch when he feels down. I wanted to remind him HE MATTERS!"

Hailey G., 6th Grade

Award of Excellence - Patton PTA

Award of Excellence - GG Council of PTA's

Award of Excellence - 4th District PTA

Award of Merit - CA State PTA


Why I Matter

2020 has been hard. Keeping in touch with family in friends during this time is more important than ever. It is important for them to know how much they matter, and how much I matter to them.

Emily S., 6th Grade
Award of Excellence - Patton PTA
Award of Excellence - GG Council of PTA's
Participant - 4th District PTA



Kaylene N., 6th Grade

Award of Excellence - Patton PTA

Participant - GG Council of PTA's

I am the little person who is lost in space and eventually wander and discover a different galaxy with almost the same planets as our galaxy. I matter because my curiosity led me to discover something that no one has never seen before. I also matter because a regular human like me can make a change in the world and impact society.

Under the Sea

Aidan G., 6th Grade

Award of Merit - Patton PTA

When people look at the ocean, they see water, but there is so much life under the water. My art represents all the ways I matter underneath my surface. There is so much more to me that people do not see.


A Song from the HeartCate G.
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A Song from the Heart

“I matter because I contribute music to the world. Music is meant to be shared, not kept to yourself. Music makes people happy, that is the reason why I wrote it. When you listen to this song, I wrote and performed, you will experience joy and happiness. I hope to make people feel joy by listening to my music."

Cate G., 6th Grade
Award of Excellence - Patton PTA
Award of Excellence - GG Council of PTA's
Participant - 4th District PTA
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